To allow you to have a better understanding of the way the photographs and videos are realised, with which equipment, travel companies and conservation organisations, this section provides a selection of links to our most valued partners.

Conservation organisations

During our expeditions, safaris and photography work we meet numerous people and organisations who work very actively to protect the environment and to allow the animals to live in a natural and free way. Please find below the links to a number of them to find out more and support them:

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

An extraordinary program to protect and hand raise orphan elephants and black rhinos in Kenya:


Mara Conservancy

The conservation work and news of the Mara Conservancy, a region of the Masai Mara National Reserve:


Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

The active collaboration of the Rwanda, Congolese and Uganda authorities to protect the last Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys:



Photography partners

Some links to our preferred partners for the photographic and video equipment we use in the field:


Logo Canon


Travel partner

Nature and wildlife photography and video requires a lot of travelling and organisation on the ground, in distant and wild places. Understanding our objectives and fulfilling our (complex) requirements is a skill that few operators can provide with consistency and that is why we work predominantly with the tour operator part of our group:

Autograph Safaris, inspired by Nature


Specialist equipment

Some links to our preferred specialist equipment suppliers who allow us to overcome the challenges of operating in complex shooting conditions:

Fresh Fabrications

Special clothes

Some links to our preferred clothes suppliers, which allow us to operate safely and efficiently in the most extreme conditions:

Peter Hutchinson Designs