Vincent Gesser is a French professional photographer passionate about wildlife, animal behavior and the great outdoors.

This leads him to spend a significant portion of his time in the Arctic, in South America and in Africa, particularly in East Africa where he has his personal vehicle safari arranged to allow him to live independently in permanent contact with animals and nature . Vincent has therefore a maximum amount of time to observe the animals and make photographs that share different aspects of their lives and their environment.

After a career in banking, Vincent realizes his passion for animals in their natural environment on the one hand, and his interest in photography which began at the age of 11 on the other hand. His photographs reflect his commitment to nature and the preservation and conservation of endangered species.

In order to satisfy the demand for “immersion in nature” travel experiences , Vincent has also developed a tour operator Autograph Safaris, inspired by Nature (www.autographsafaris.com) in partnership with local companies specialised in providing the logistics and support to professional photographers and film crews. He creates and organises tailor-made trips that allow couples, families and small groups of enthusiasts to experience the great natural spaces. He also leads personally a number of safaris, photographic workshops and expeditions.

While residing in the United Kingdom, Vincent was a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and an associate member of the Royal Photographic Society. He supports and contributes to the work of foundations such as Born Free, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the Trust Mwitu Watu na, etc.

His work is distributed by Photoshop / NHPA and by NaturAgency.



The welfare of the wild animal being photographed and the respect of its natural behaviour and environment are the very highest priority of the Photography process. As a consequence the animals do not suffer from human interaction and the pictures are reflective of the natural behaviour and activities of the animals.


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